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Ngecho School Bike Club



THEY COULD CYCLE....with your help...

bikeaid - a touraid Legacy Project

"If I could have a bicycle, I could be very happy because I live very far away from school. I will never ever be late for school and it will be my favourite hobby to do at home in my leisure time. I could be going with it to ride with my friends and it will help me in many ways like going to Church, when I have been sent anywhere and fetch water because the water is far away to our home."

Naomi Nyicho, Class 8 Filadelfia New Like School, Nakuru Kenya. Jan 2012


Filadelfia New Life School has over 550 students and come from some of the poorest and most needy backgrounds in Kenya. Many children have no parents at home or live simply too far away to be able to attend school and thus rely on some of the few "Boarding" places that FNL provide. Others walk for hours each way, every day. They walk to Church, they walk to do chores, they walk to market, and they walk to rugby training.

Cycling for fun in the UK is so taken for granted that our kids don't realise what a fantastic form of recreation it is. When we hosted 2 children from the most recent trip touraid organised, we saw what immense pleasure the simple act of riding a bike can give a child. It made us think that we should be able to help.


THEY COULD CYLCE....with your help.

Millions of garages across the UK are stuffed full of bikes, spare parts and other kit that remain largely unused but is in perfectly good working condition. We aim to help transform the lives of children by shipping these bikes and other aid to them.

How can you help?

You can help give some pleasure to children who really would be grateful for some fun in their lives and make their lives a little easier.

We will be collecting;
bikes, helmets, locks, tools, spare parts, oil, puncture repair kits, inner tubes, pumps, valves.

No bike kit?

If you do not have a bike, no worries. We will be shipping out other aid to the orphanage to help fill up the container; Sports kit, reading books, shoes, clothing etc..... will all be gratefully received.

A container will be at The Beacon School (Chesham Bois) soon so that you can drop off your bikes/donations.

Any bike in good working order or which could be easily repaired and is big enough from 8 year old up to an adult will be taken to Nakuru.

Shipping cost

There is obviously a considerable cost to pack and ship a container to central Kenya, so please do also dig deep into your pockets to help with the financial burden. Any financial contributions can be made via Just Giving, and if you are a UK tax payer, please tick the Gift Aid box. Cheques can be made payable to 'touraid' but please send a cover letter with reference to bikeaid.

Nick Deane M: O7990527472 E: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it                                                                                                                                                          

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